Vintage Jumbles

The Vintage Jumble Dates 2014 & 2015

Northampton Vintage Jumble
2014: 11th January & 5th July 
2015: 10th January and a date in July 5

Olney Vintage Jumble 
2014 25th January  
2015 17th January 

The Next Vintage Jumble Is In Northampton.

Stalls Inside The Hall & Outside On The Lawn

Previous Jumbles

The Day Went Well!
The January Jumble In Northampton

The July Jumble

The Jumbles take place at St Matthews in Northampton in January and July. They look just like one of our Vintage Fairs but look a little closer and you will see that everything is being traded at reduced cost. Both sales rooms will be crammed full of all sorts of vintage things, from bargain boxes where everything is priced at £1 to rails of bargain clothes to more expensive pieces marked down 'to go'.

The January Jumble 2014

I have just se the date for the next January Jumble.

Past Jumbles