Monday, 28 May 2012

Saturdays Jubilee Fair In Northampton

Vintage Style

Last Saturday we gathered in the garden of the Spinney Hill in Northampton for our grand Jubilee Vintage Fair. Many thanks to Grace and the team at the venue who were so welcoming and who worked tirelessly through what was to become a very busy afternoon. Just before the fair started I had a quick walk around to check all was ready, these beautiful vintage cars sat elegantly outside and deservedly attracted lots of attention.

An Oxford - Oh So British

Stall holders began to arrive shortly after 9am and by noon the garden had been transformed into a vintage 'village'  crammed full of stalls. Thank you to all our stall holders whose wonderful displays made for such a splendid scene. Many of the the people who sell with us regularly were there as well as lots of new people who were selling with us for the first time. We hope you enjoyed yourselves and that you did not get too burnt. Many thanks to Debs from Vintage Wants for suggesting that I apply some sunblock, and double thanks for then lending me the said lotion.

In The Heat Of The Day

The many visitors were treated to a splendid scene, the aisles were lined with lots of original vintage and handmade home-wares, clothes and specialist vintage kitchenalia.

High Quality Original Vintage From Lost Property Vintage

The Spinney Hill is not unaccustomed to glamour, during the 1940s the pub was run by actress Bertha Wilmot who featured in the film 'Millions Like Us' (1943) here is a link to her singing "Just Like The Ivy", a song from the film:

Striking A Pose 

It was great to see our stall holders and customers stepping out in some fine vintage attire and one could be forgiven for thinking that perhaps we had taken the pub back to the time of V-E Day. There was a wonderful atmosphere throughout and I think we created quite a stir in the neighbourhood. For anyone wanting to find out more about 1940s style please check out the website for Twinwood, the festival that takes place just over the Bedfordshire border in August:

Love This Vintage Bunting!

Visitors on Saturday were greeted by the sounds of the 40s and 50s. I like early Blues from the 20s and thought that everyone else did but a few friends did raise an eyebrow at the umteenth airing of Bessie Smith's 'Careless Love'.

I Love This And Should Have Bought It
There were some great things to find, suitable for set designers, collectors, perfect additions for any 'vintage' home.

American Looks But Definitely Chad Valley

Toys from the 40s-60s are always well represented at our fairs, they always catch my eye.

Lovely Original Pieces

Vintage enamel-ware, deck-chairs and utility ware are always sought after and perfect for the picnic season and street parties.

Upcycled Fashion From Lara At 'hopeless romantic'

Vintage clothes are always popular and I hope always will be. I loved the business cards from 'hopeless romantic'. 

Decoupage Hangers

I really liked a collection of Pastis water jugs, very much in the spirit of black turtle necks, and Les Deux Magots.

Very Chic
We had a lovely day and hope that you did too. You do not have long to wait for more vintage fabulosity (forgive the touch of the 'Good Old Days'). On Saturday our fair will be visiting Stamford for the first time.

Stamford Arts Centre
Saturday 2nd June 11am-4pm

Then on the Sunday Amy's Blighty Boutique Jubilee Special is taking place in Hatton Park, Warwick.

Sunday 3rd June 11am-4pm

Once again many thanks to everyone who helped to make Saturday such a good day. I will be blogging again soon as Stamford is only 5 days away. We will then be returning to Market Harborough at the end of June before returning to Northampton for the July Jumble.

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Stamford Next Saturday And Photos To Follow

Next Saturday In Stamford

Our next fair is taking place in Stamford next Saturday, the doors will open at 11am.

Later this evening I will be blogging about yesterday's Vintage Fair & Jubilee Garden Party at the Spinney Hill in Northampton. We had a great day in the sun and the garden was full of lovely stalls.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Come Along To The Fair On Saturday

I hope you like the advert which will be appearing in Friday's Chronicle & Echo (the local newspaper). We look forward to seeing everyone who comes along on the day and wish our stall holders a pleasant journey as they make their way to Northampton on Saturday morning.

The Spinney Hill - Kettering Road
Northampton. NN3 6LR
The fair starts at 12pm. The Spinney Hill is situated on the Kettering Road, we will be in the pretty garden at the rear of the pub. There is plenty of free parking at the venue for those of you travelling by car.

Basking In The Evening Sunshine

For more information please email - See you at the fair.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

3 Days To Go And Summer Sunshine

 Saturday 26th May 12-4
Spinney Hill Northampton

With three days to go sun has returned to the streets of Northampton. I took this photo just before 6am this morning and there wasn't a cloud in the sky.

The Fair Is Taking Place At The Spinney Hill

The Spinney Hill is easy to find, it is situated on the Kettering Road about one and a half miles from Northampton town centre. The fair starts at 12pm and there will 40 stalls selling vintage and handmade waiting for you in the garden.

The Mirror Souvenir Edition From 1953

One of my neighbours gave me this souvenir edition of the Daily Mirror after seeing me putting up a poster for the fair on my side gate.

Celebrate The Jubilee At The
Vintage Fair & Jubilee Garden Party

There will be homemade cakes, including fairy cakes for children and tea will be served on the lawn. Usually the Northampton Vintage Fair takes place at St Matthews (we will be back at St Matthews in July for the 'Vintage Jumble'), however we have moved outside for the first time. The Spinney Hill is about half a mile up the Kettering Road from St Matthews. As usual we will be serving tea and homemade cake as well as Pimm's.

Pimm's On The Lawn

Many of our regular stall holders will selling at the fair on Saturday and we will also be joined by quite a few new people who will be with us for the first time. The garden is quite large and so it has been possible to fit more people in. Im sure there will be quite a 'jubilee' theme to the day, lots of red,white and blue everywhere.

The Spinney Hill is a 'family friendly' pub and the garden has a sandpit for children to play in and there will be red and blue jellies. There are plenty of spaces in the venue car-park for those travelling by car and several buses stop outside.

We cant wait to see you at the fair.

Thursday, 17 May 2012

9 Days To Go And A Visit To Stamford

Enjoy Pimm's At The Jubilee Fair & Garden Party

I spotted this display at last Saturday's fair in Olney and took a snap, thinking at the time that it would like nice in a blog post, as Pimm's will be served on the lawn at the forthcoming Vintage Fair and Jubilee Garden Party at the Spinney Hill in Northampton. The bottle and pretty glasses are by Vicky from Vicky Loves Vintage.

Saturday 26th May 12-4

The Spinney Hill is conveniently located on the Kettering Road, about a mile and a half from the town centre. This is a family friendly pub and the the Vintage Fair will be taking place in the garden, there is ample free parking.

The Spinney Hill - Kettering Road Northampton NN3 6LR

There will be forty stalls selling original vintage, handmade and homemade cakes. Many of our stall holders from the popular fair at St Matthews will be there as well as lots of new people. I will be completing the last pieces of publicity for the fair and garden party during the next few days.

Union Jacks Are Everywhere!

I did like the label on this jar of Marmite I found in the local supermarket, the garden at the Jubilee Fair will be decorated with red, white and blue flowers.

Found In Stamford - Immediately 'Rehomed'

Not only do we have the fair at the Spinney Hill, just seven days later the fair will be visiting Stamford for the first time. I visited Stamford yesterday as I wanted to disperse a few posters, my first call was to St Martins Antiques Centre ( where the lady attending the till was very helpful. A quick look around and I spotted this dog on wheels, he is in lovely condition and returned home to Northampton with me. I spent a few hours visiting some of the lovely shops and found time for a quick cup of tea and then realised that I had nearly run out of posters.

Saturday 2nd June 11-4

Thank you to the girls at That Indie Look which I found at 40 St Pauls Street. They have a good range of vintage clothes for guys and girls and we chatted briefly about our fair in Stamford and the forthcoming Vintage Festival In July organised by Hemingway Design.

Here's A Link

I liked this collection of sunglasses there were quite a few tweed jackets for men, lots of coloured denim for girls and 70s Addidas ware.

Get The Indie Look

Stamford is a beautiful town and worthy of a visit and we are really pleased to be taking the fair there this is the view as one enters the town from the south.

Stamford Approaches

Stamford has lots of narrow alley ways which are lined with interesting independent shops, bars and cafes.

The 7 Sins!

I really liked this rather suggestive sign which hangs above a bar amidst the many Georgian buildings which make up the heart of the town. I would have liked to stay longer but I wanted to take the remaining posters over to nearby Oakham.

The Lovely Castle Cottage Cafe In Oakham

Posters duly pinned-up I headed for the lovely Castle Cottage Cafe ( which I have mentioned before. They serve afternoon tea, use vintage china and have a very pretty garden with pastel flowers  decorating the tables and some lovely 'shabby chic' chairs painted in wonderful colours. I had enjoyed my visit to Lincs and Rutland and look forward to returning in the next few days to take more posters over. 

I will be blogging again soon as we enter the summer fete season.

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Yesterday's Fair In Olney

My Favourite Pic From The Day

I really want to convey my thanks to everyone who was part of yesterday's vintage fair in Olney. We hope you enjoyed the day. I found this great picture on the cover of Woman magazine from the 30s. I also spotted this lovely Lucite bag on the same stall, the bag not surprisingly found a new owner!

Straight Out Of Florida, Via Olney

These were 'quite the thing' up and down the US Eastern Seaboard and great that one found it's way to  Olney. When I arrived outside the hall a few of our stall holders were already there, busy unloading their cars.

Great Day For A Fair

I put up bunting outside as everyone arrived to set up their stalls, it was a bright sunny morning, much warmer than recent days. The cakes arrived, the tables were set and I took a moment to buy this wool holder, I have never seen one in orange before, it will be reappearing in a blogpost in the autumn when we are getting ready for the November fair in Market Harborough.

Pink, Blue, Green And Now Orange!

The doors opened at 11am and people continued (and continued and continued!) to arrive until 4pm. There was a great atmosphere inside the hall and the stalls looked fab. It was nice to see people coming through the door who had visited the last Olney Fair back in October, and also people who had 'followed' the fair from the recent dates in Buckingham and Northampton.

Fred Astaire Or Isambard Kingdom Brunel

I was busy at the door meeting and greeting visitors but did get to have a few quick walks around the hall. I liked this collapsable top hat and Brexton Picnic Set.

Perfect For A Vintage Picnic

There is usually a good selection of vintage textiles to choose from at our fairs, from embroidered linens, vintage Sanderson to the more geometric prints of the 50s and early 60s.

Vintage Fabrics Ready For Crafters

Old haberdashery items and all sorts of vintage bits and pieces were on display, I really liked these old packets of Rick Rack binding. Some of the lovely handmade things on display are created using vintage fabrics and the fairs are great place to source materials for your 'vintage' project.

"The Latest Fashionable Colours"

I found the Rick Rack and this cute toy duck on Cherry's from Merriman's Vintage Jamboree Stall, I really like old wooden toysand think that they make great gifts. (

Vintage Is For Young Ones Too

I held up this slide from a Magic Lantern, the sun shining through the window illuminates it well and brings the vibrant colours to life.

Definitely Pre-Digital

This old pharmacy bottle reminded me of some vintage bottle labels I found at a fair in Kettering many years ago, someone had acquired the fittings, fixtures and everything else from a traditional chemist-apothecary store (I believe that  Claude Manniful (or something similar) had been the proprietor and had been based in Nottingham.

This Bottle Was Emptied Years Ago!

Where once it contained a liquor bearing cocaine it would now look nice cleaned and used as a vase for flowers. A number of the stalls were displaying costume jewellery and items for a lady's dressing table such as these vintage cosmetics.

Eye Shadow In Silver Frosted Green

I also liked these printing blocks, again great for graphic work and poster making.

Great For Displays Or Crafting

We hope you enjoyed yesterday's fair, we will be returning to Olney in August. Tomorrow I will be travelling to Stamford to distribute some posters for our first fair in this beautiful town.

June 2nd - Stamford Arts Centre

Things are set to become very 'jubilatory' over the next three weeks. There are events taking place up and down the country and many will have a jubilee theme.

The Flowers FromYesterday's Fair

In just under two weeks our vintage fair will be back in Northampton, visiting the Spinney Hill for the first time. Here you will find 40 stalls selling the usual mix of original vintage and handmade, all set in the lovely garden of this 1930s built pub.

13 Days To Go!

Again thank you for being part of our fairs and thank you to everyone who has found this blog and become a follower. Hope to see you at one of our fairs soon.