Monday, 12 December 2011

Pictures And Thoughts From Saturday's Fair

The Tragic Ramon Novarro Adorns This Bound Collection Of  1930s 'Picturegoer'
I want to share some photos of the things which caught my eye when I walked around the stalls at our recent fair in Northampton.
There were lovely vintage and handmade items around the hall.
Cute Chap On Wheels
These dogs on wheels are very popular, I remember watching one make nearly £300 on Ebay last Christmas.
American Calendar Glamour
Cockerels and weather-vanes appeared in my last post just before the fair as there is a golden cockerel atop the spire of St Matthews.
Sitting Pretty
Although it was cold outside it was  lovely bright day. A friend accepted our invitation to play the piano in the 'old style' tea-shop, the sound of Christmas carols and Scott Joplin created a lovely atmosphere.
60 years in 2013!
Interest in tins and other ephemera is bound to increase as we approach the 60th anniversary of the Queen's  coronation.
1950s Shades Of Yellow and Green
Start collecting now!
It's Not Kirstey
The shades in 50s/60s photographs are so different to the digital shades of today

A Potato Peeler
When I first saw the crank handle of this vintage peeler I thought it was some sort of air-raid warning siren, which is something I really want to find as I have this idea of sounding one to start the fairs.
Handmade Felt-work
There were some lovely handmade items as well as all the original vintage.
Vintage Gifts For Men
I like to send old, vintage cards and include a written message on a slip of paper inside.
As the year draws to an end and thoughts turn to Christmas its time to conclude this post.
Perfect For A Vintage Christmas
We want to thank everyone who has helped to make the fair such a nice friendly event. 
We have really enjoyed 2011, meeting lots of people and finding lots of lovely vintage.
Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year.

Friday, 9 December 2011

The Fair's In Town Tomorrow

There Is A Cockerel On Top Of The Spire Of St Matthews
Just a quick post to welcome everyone to tomorrows fair in Northampton. As this will be our 7th fair many of you will be familiar with how to find us, for those visiting for the first time the Parish Centre is situated behind St Matthews Church on the busy Kingsley Park Terrace, about 1 mile out of town. Several buses pass the venue and it is about 20 minutes walk from the bus station.
Fair Saturday 10th Dec 11am-3pm St Matthews Parish Centre NN1 4RY
Come along and find some lovely original vintage and beautiful handmade items.

Lovely Old Jigsaw
I found this lovely farmyard puzzle on Shabby Polkadots stall at the recent 'My Little Vintage' fair in Earls Barton.
Beautiful Peacock
Tonight will be busy as we will be going to the traditional carols evening held in St Matthews, there will be mulled wine and stalls inside the glorious church. For those of you who have not been inside the church before it is very inspiring and houses important pieces of art by Graham Sutherland and Henry Moore.Then afterwards I will be transporting all the tables from the church up to the sales rooms in preparation for tomorrow. 
Tea & Cakes, Beautiful Vintage & Handmade & A Warm Welcome
Then early tomorrow before daybreak I will be hanging the bunting around the church walls, it is going to be about minus three degrees!

Hope to see you all tomorrow.

Best wishes

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Fair Preparations, Alfe's Cause and Wooly Jumpers

At The End Of A Busy Day
It has been a busy day out and about pinning up posters for the fair at St Matthews on 10th December. But first I hope you like these gift tags which I suddenly decided to make this evening. They are 'Happy Families' cards printed in the 30s. I have quite a few of these cards and I am planning to use them as the basis of the posters for the fairs in 2012.
Grey Skies In Northampton
After visiting the villages between Kettering and Northampton my last destination was St Matthews, before returning home. Yesterday had been blessed with a clear blue sky but as you can see it was distinctly overcast today.
What A Difference A Day Makes
This photo was taken a day earlier and shows the south-east aspect and a lovely sunny day, so fingers crossed that we will have a fine day on the 10th.
The Blue Room Burlesque Fairy Tales Show In Aid Of  'Alfe's Cause'
This special event is taking place the day after the fair at St Georges Hall in the evening. Alfe is a young boy from Northampton whose family raise funds for local children's charities. For more information about Alfe use this link
It's sure to be a great night.

Please keep checking the blog for news about the fair, we look forward to seeing you all at St Matthews in 8 days time, there is bound to be a 'Christmassy' feel to the fair.

And finally the wooly jumper, as suggested in the title of this post. When in Kettering this morning I popped into the Oxfam store and found a not really vintage but worthy wool knit jumper, I love the muted colours and it fitted me. Do you remember when Marks and Spencers stopped being St Michael?